4 Reasons Why Storytelling is Crucial for e-Commerce

Posted by Rochelle Bailis on 4/21/16 8:56 PM

There is a painful truth that every e-commerce brand eventually needs to face:

In the wake of globalization and discount retail giants, consumers can probably buy similar products to yours in a heartbeat. For less. With fast, free shipping. So why should they shop with you?


The best—and the only—weapon against the Amazons, the Walmarts and race-to-the-bottom pricing... is your story.

The story you tell about your brand creates four invaluable advantages:

1) Worth

A meaningful origin story about your company and its craftsmanship, it has the power to
infuse the things you sell with greater meaning, and, therefore, value.

In France they call it “provenance” —the people and history behind a piece of art or bottle of wine not only creates worth; it defines it.

2) Sensory Experience

When we engage with stories, our brains light up like Christmas Trees. Researchers at Emory found that while reading a story, our sensory motor region shows signs of “embodied cognition;” meaning we experience physical sensations, like dancing or eating.

We don’t just listen to stories, we feel
 them. Shoppers can touch, taste
and experience your product before
it reaches their hands.

3) Personal Narrative

Brand stories shouldn’t be all about you.

Good storytelling inspires shoppers to weave your brand into the narrative of their own lives. They should see your products as an essential part of their personal journey, daily ritual and the fabric of their identity.

4) Lifestyle Kinship

Dedicated storytelling can tie your brand to a customer lifestyle. Whether they’re outdoor lovers, technophiles or foodies, you must find your tribe and serve them consistently. 

When you share authentic and useful stories about (and for) your audience, they will naturally foster an emotional affinity—even loyalty—to your brand because it resonates with their passions.


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